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Healthcare EDI (electronic claims)
and practice management software

  • Covid-19 update: At Stratford everything is 'business as usual, usual office hours, great support for our clients'
  •  *** Note: if you need to use the covid19 DX code: U07.1 you must use v9.4.9841 or later. email support@stratfordsoftware.com if you need help with the download and installation.
  • Professional - 'Physician / Supplier' - providers who bill on the CMS 1500 form
  • Institutional - 'Facility / Institution' - providers who bill on the CMS 1450 (UB04) form
  • Dental - Dental specialties and providers who bill on the ADA form
  • Stratford can automatically unzip the Medicare 835 files (and most other payers) and auto post them.
  • Stratford's v5010 is already tested and approved by Medicare now. We are ready to test with any payer or clearinghouse now.
  • Stratford's ICD10 is ready to test with any payer or clearinghouse now. Stratford clients have already passed end-to-end ICD10 testing. You need to sign up and be sure you know how to transmit correctly.
  • On May 4, 2011, Stratford was notified by J14 MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) that a provider using Stratford Software transmitted the first valid v5010A1 formatted claim to Medicare.
  • How to set up Stratford software to print the cms1500 v0212 form.
  • PQRI - you should be able to participate now. You may need to enter the CPT and/or Modifier codes if they are not now in your system. Let us know about any problems. More information here: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/PQRI
  • Click here to see how to install the Stratford program on the Vista and Windows 7/8.x/10 operating systems.
  • Click here for some possible solutions to modem/transmitting problems with Microsoft Vista and Win7/8.x/10.
  • We have tested the Stratford program with the Windows 10 and server versions through 2012 and it works fine with no changes.
  • Setup instructions for changing from Palmetto to Noridian
  • Some tips for running the Stratford program from a cloud server
  • Notes about HeW/Availity. On March 31,2016 we received a FedEx letter from Hew/Availity cancelling our agreement with them. They said if we do not sign their new contract they will not do business with us. They will not honor our present agreement. The Stratford software will no longer create claims for Hew/Availity. Please email support if you have questions.


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software features included

  • $295.00 for the software package license. There are no additional 'add-ons'

  • Electronic claims - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing - ANSI 837/835-270/271-276/277-864-997.

  • 999, 277CA - (v5010) reformat into 'human readable' form

  • Version 5010 format and ICD10cm are included in the software now and ready to test. A conversion from ICD9 is included with the software now for TEST CLAIMS ONLY PRIOR TO 10/1/2015.

  • Scheduling - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • EMR (electronic medical record) fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • Patient allergy listing - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • Multi-user - no additional charges

  • Link to many certified EHR programs. Visit x-link.info for more information

Contact Information
Main phone number: 1.866-406-3715
Main phone number for sales: 1.866-406-3715

Clients with prepaid support only:
    Email: (best method for fastest support) support@stratfordsoftware.com
    Voice: 1.866-406-3715
    Fax: 1.206.984.3846

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