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Healthcare EDI (electronic claims)
and practice management software

  • Professional - 'Physician / Supplier' - providers who bill on the CMS 1500 form
  • Institutional - 'Facility / Institution' - providers who bill on the CMS 1450 (UB04) form
  • Dental - Dental specialties and providers who bill on the ADA form
  • Stratford's v5010 is already tested and approved by Medicare now. We are ready to test with any payer or clearinghouse now.
  • Stratford's ICD10 is ready to test with any payer or clearinghouse now. Stratford clients have already passed end-to-end ICD10 testing. You need to sign up and be sure you know how to transmit correctly before Oct 1, 2015.
  • On May 4, 2011, Stratford was notified by J14 MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) that a provider using Stratford Software transmitted the first valid v5010A1 formatted claim to Medicare.
  • How to set up Stratford software to print the cms1500 v0212 form.
  • PQRI - you should be able to participate now. You may need to enter the CPT and/or Modifier codes if they are not now in your system. Let us know about any problems. More information here: http://www.cms.hhs.gov/PQRI
  • Click here to see how to install the Stratford program on the Vista and Windows 7/8.x operating systems.
  • Click here for some possible solutions to modem/transmitting problems with Microsoft Vista and Win7/8.x.
  • We have tested the Stratford program with the new Windows 8 beta on 4/11/2012. It works fine with no changes.
  • Setup instructions for changing from Palmetto to Noridian on or before 9/16/2013
  • Some tips for running the Stratford program from a cloud server


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software features included

  • $895.00 for the software package license. There are no additional 'add-ons'

  • Electronic claims - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing - ANSI 837/835-270/271-276/277-864-997.

  • 999, 277CA - (v5010) reformat into 'human readable' form

  • Version 5010 format and ICD10cm are included in the software now and ready to test. A conversion from ICD9 is included with the software now for TEST CLAIMS ONLY PRIOR TO 10/1/2015.

  • Scheduling - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • EMR (electronic medical record) fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • Patient allergy listing - fully integrated with the patient accounting/billing

  • Multi-user - no additional charges

  • Link to many certified EHR programs. Visit x-link.info for more information

Contact Information
Main phone number: 1.866.406.3715
Main phone number for sales: 1.866.406.3715
Clients with prepaid support only:
    Email: (best method for fastest support) support@stratfordsoftware.com
    Voice: 1.866.406.3715
    Fax: 1.206.984.3846

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